Emily Bronte – 1; Lindsay – 0


After close to 15 years of trying on and off, I finally gave up on reading Wuthering Heights.

Usually, no matter how hard/boring/pointless I’m finding a book, I power through. It takes quite the book to make me give up entirely, but Emily Bronte did it.

I have cracked open the cover of Wuthering Heights a number of times, but just can’t get through more than about 110 pages. I don’t know if it’s the characters that I don’t connect with, the prose that I can’t get my head around, or the pacing that I find too slow. Whatever it is, it combines to produce an unreadable book for me. (And just to be sure, I’ve even tried to watch the movie. Not happening.)

And so Wuthering Heights has officially been moved from my “to be read” shelf, to my “to be donated” box. It’s humbling to be taken down by a book that most people polished off in high school.

What books have bested you? Any tips for powering through when you’re just not connecting with a book?

(post updated July 21 – photo added)


2 thoughts on “Emily Bronte – 1; Lindsay – 0

  1. I can relate with this experience with soooo many books (it’s embarrassing). I know I’ve missed out on a lot of good literature because of my inability to plough through and get to the “good parts.” I sincerely appreciate hearing this from someone who is well-read. Cheers Lindsay! 🙂

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