Reader’s Resolutions

A few years ago, a friend sent me a link to the Reader’s Resolutions post on the Shelf Talk blog. I came across the link again a few weeks ago when I was cleaning out my old emails, and am so glad I did! It’s a great list to help expand your reading.

Shelf Talk

Every New Year resolutions are made. Some go on diets. Some pledge to save. Some pledge to write those thank you cards in a timely manner.  Me, I resolve to do all of those things, but I usually also resolve to read more and more broadly. Not that I always succeed.

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2 thoughts on “Reader’s Resolutions

    • I’d love to see another list! Anything that gets me reading more and reading outside my usual genres. I’ve used this as a guide, but added a few of my own that I’m trying to tackle too: read a series (e.g. George R.R. Martin), read a book that scares you (like War and Peace for me), read a book by an author from each continent… the options are limitless!

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