Brenda is our newbie. She’s been with us just over two years but is already an important part of the book club family.

I very clearly remember Brenda’s first meeting. It was at Hyedie’s place which means that in addition to having to deal with the rest of us crazies, she had Hyedie’s dogs to deal with. She came in and charmed us all in minutes with her open, friendly manner, her big heart, her knowledge of books and her passion for reading. Brenda is open to reading anything, and genuinely interested to hear what the rest of us have to say about a book. You’ll often look her way when discussing a book and know from the look on her face that she doesn’t agree with your point of view, but she’s honestly trying to understand where you’re coming from.

Brenda joins us from well outside the city, which means that in order to attend a meeting she has to commute up to two hours each way, often getting home well after midnight if we get together on a week night! And she does it with her trademark smile and laugh. If book club were high school, Brenda would definitely win the “Most Dedicated” title.

Here’s what Brenda had to say about her book club experience.

Lindsay: What prompted you to join the book club?

Brenda: I lost my husband and  needed to build a new life. My dear friend Stella invited me to join the club and it has enriched my life. I read books I would not normally read and they transport me to a new place. More importantly I have met some wonderful women and I cherish those new relationships.

Lindsay: What has been your favourite book club book so far and why?

Brenda: The Language of Flowers. The characters are so rich and the story is easy to read yet complex.


What’s your favourite book club memory?

Brenda: I couldn’t possibly single out one. Every time we are together the beautiful food and company are great. I love it – it is so different from my daily routine.

Lindsay: In an ideal world, what would we be reading next?

Brenda: I think it’s time for a great murder mystery if the other members like that sort of thing.

Lindsay: How do you think the book club should celebrate 10 years?

Brenda: A great dinner at a great restaurant.


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