Have books, will go on vacation

With Canada Day weekend behind us, it’s officially cottage/vacation season (some would argue this starts after the Victoria Day weekend, but I beg to differ).

Whether at a cottage or enjoying a stay-cation, there is nothing better than curling up in a hammock/lounge chair/bed, pulling out a good book and reading the day away. For those international summer vacations, a good book is not only a great “airplane survival kit”, but it also helps me slow down and really immerse myself in the vacation. I have wonderful memories of combing the shelves at Shakespeare and Company in Paris and then spending hours in caf├ęs reading and enjoying a glass of wine.

But what to read?

I have a tradition of re-visiting a favourite over the summer – usually it’s The Great Gatsby which is still my all-time favourite read, but this year I’m going back to Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin, which caught my attention as I was packing a box of books to put into storage.

Whatever you choose to read, remember to try and match it to your destination and your interests.

A selection of summer reading lists: